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ThoughtShape of the Week: Eric Schmidt

by Jeff Molander

“Anti-trust is a legal matter and something which has a lot to do with the structure of markets.  The Internet is very open, very, very dynamic—framework that’s global—and it’s not obvious that the kind of dominance that Microsoft and IBM had in earlier technology markets will become the norm in information markets… which is what Google is in.”

Eric Schmidt
CEO, Google
Via: iInnovate Podcast

On the subject of market power and role (key to the discussion surrounding the Doubleclick acquisition hype), Schmidt is very clear on how Google (GOOG) will navigate the waters—successfully. 

He says Google will facilitate “free and broad application of information” and has strict rules about “trapping data” (there won’t be any of that!) and content ownership among users (a must). 

Google will thrive and, in fact, compete. How? 

Schmidt suggests that providing an environment that facilitates ownership of customer data (as it seems to be doing with its Web History) and playing in the very vast and open Internet (one that is, he suggests, so vast that nobody can dominate it) is key.

April 23, 2007


Interactive Business