Successful Affiliates Demand Base Salaries

by Jeff Molander

Meet Greg Shepard.  Greg is CEO of managed affiliate solution provider, and he’s pitching a new approach called “Cost-Plus-Performance.” Well, it’s not really new of course but when viewed through a more “traditional” marketing lens it’s clearly out-of-the-box. 

Why the new model?
Shepard and his team are, likely, onto the increasing (read: pent up) demand coming from advertisers who engage in old-style affiliate marketing strategies.  Specifically, they want to work in more creative ways with affiliates.  Why?  Affiliates that command unique audiences are demanding it.  The “virtual sales force” is asking for a base salary.

As Shepard says…

”... now there is a way for merchants to now offer a win-win, where both merchants and affiliates have a vested interest. Improving technologies now make it possible for the formerly CPS, CPA, CPL performance programs and the CPM, CPC and flat advertising models to unify creating a new hybrid that I call the Cost-Plus-Performance model."

Published on Monday, November 07, 2005 to
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